Blac Chyna gets facial fillers removed after breast and butt reduction surgery

Blac Chyna, also known as Angela White, continues her journey to reverse the effects of past cosmetic procedures. She had previously removed her breast and butt implants, and now she has shared with her Instagram followers that she was so excited to have her facial fillers taken out. She has been transparently documenting her journey to reclaim her natural looks, and in a recent video posted on Instagram, she can be seen getting her fillers dissolved from her cheeks and jawline at the Allure Laser & Wellness Spa in Los Angeles. (Also read: Paris Hilton breaks silence on her ‘inappropriate relationship’ with teacher: ‘He came over to my home and kissed me’)

Blac Chyna gets her facial hair removed in a new video.
Blac Chyna gets her facial hair removed in a new video.

Blac took to Instagram and filmed herself inside a car. She was heard saying, “Hey Guys! I’m back. I am on my way to get these fillers dissolved for my cheeks and jawline because enough is enough, It all has to come out. ” Despite being warned about the potential discomfort of the process, which she heard “burns a lot or stings,” Chyna expressed that her main focus was to have the fillers removed, stating “I ain’t even worried about no stinging, I just want it out.”

She expressed her desire to return to her natural look and mentioned that she was tired of looking different. She revealed that her appearance had been altered by the fillers and that she wanted to reclaim her identity. She also explained that makeup artists would contour her face to create a dramatic effect, which made her look like the Saw character, Jigsaw. “I feel like I’ve outgrown that, and it’s just time for a change. And I just want to be good”, she stated.

Blac began the procedure, expressing her eagerness to dissolve the fillers. Her doctor, Armita Amini, informed her that the process was quick and that the swelling was usually mild for most people. Chyna was thrilled to see an almost instant difference in her appearance after the doctor removed the needle from her left cheek. “It’s almost like I can see a difference, almost instant”, she concluded. She thanked Dr. Amini for making the process easy.

Blac emphasized that her decision to remove the fillers was personal and encouraged girls who wanted to have fillers not to feel discouraged by her experience. She concluded by saying that she was on a journey to start fresh and clean, and that she was excited to see where it would take her.

She shared the video on Instagram, and wrote, “I Remove all my face fillers, I’m so happy.” She wrote, “Thank you all for your prayers, love, and support” in the comment section. Tommie Lee commented, “Yes Chyna you never needed a thing I got my lil shit out too a couple months ago and honestly the process was a bit crazy because I was filming at the time and when I look at the episodes before and after lol I’ll never get filler again Chile good for you gang.” Tammy Rivera wrote, “She’s was always beautiful without that shii!! So happy for her!”

Reacting to Blac’s facial clip, one of her fans commented, “I’ve had filler removed. It doesn’t sting and it does not hurt. It’s easier than getting the filler put in. Congratulations on your journey sis. blessings to all.” Another fan commented, “Crazy!!! I love this!!! I’m so proud of you.” Other fan wrote, “This is awesome!! You don’t even know how many women you are helping, not only yourself, but the women out there that suffers from body dysmorphia, low self esteem & no confidence. The women that feel changing their looks will make them better can now have some hope because of you.”

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