Ready to dive in again? Minecraft teases another wave of underwater updates

Minecraft fans, brace yourselves for what could be another major update coming to the game’s undersea world! In a recent teaser released by Mojang, Alex is seen perched on a stone block staring out into the vast ocean with a caption that reads, “There’s more out there to discover coming soon…”. This announcement comes as exciting news for players who have been eagerly awaiting a follow-up to the game’s hugely popular 2018 Update Aquatic, which overhauled the underwater biomes with a host of new features.

Minecraft's teaser tp another ocean update
Minecraft’s teaser tp another ocean update

While Mojang has remained tight-lipped about what to expect from the upcoming update, eagle-eyed fans have already spotted a major clue in the teaser. Alex can be seen holding the new brush tool introduced in the recent Trails and Tails update, which adds an archeology mechanic to the game. Players can now dig up Suspicious Sand blocks, dust them off, and discover ancient artifacts from long-lost civilizations. Pottery shards are the ultimate prize, allowing players to recreate decorative pots for their homes.

Suspicious Sand blocks can only be found near desert ruins, leading fans to speculate that the upcoming update could add similar blocks to underwater ruins. What kind of loot will be discovered remains a mystery, but with Mojang’s track record of delivering engaging content updates, fans can expect to be blown away by what they find.

The Trails and Tails update, which introduced the brush tool and archeology mechanic, also added a range of other features, including cherry blossoms, decorative armor trims, and the highly anticipated Sniffer mob. Minecraft players can also look forward to custom signage, bookshelves, cranky camels, and the new display entity command that allows for unique visual effects in Minecraft’s sky.

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While some fans have labeled the Trails and Tails update as the “random stuff update,” the upcoming undersea update promises to be a game-changer for Minecraft players. So gear up and get ready to dive back into the deep blue as Mojang prepares to unveil yet another exciting chapter in the life aquatic!

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